BUDGET Activities:

Tweak to fit your discipline!

  1. Give students in groups of 3-4 a set of basic materials ( toothpicks, cups, straws, paper clips, etc )
  2. Give student the theme they are to construct
  3. Students have 1 minute to discuss as a group their plan
  4. Students have 4 minutes to construct
  5. All groups present their construction and defend why it relates


        Introduce a thematic unit

        Can be used for literature, voc, historical themes

        Causes students to collaborate, teamwork, problem solve, and discuss

  1. Pictures are worth 1000 words
  1. Find cartoons that represent themes of study- have students identify the picture in key terms
  2. Can be done individually or in partner groups
  3. Use as extra credit- or prizes!


        Introduce or review key point/ terms from thematic units

        All disciplines!

        Causes students to problem solve, analyze, and think—outside the box!

  1. Biographies/ monologues
  1. Groups students into 2-3 partner groups
  2. Assign each a specific person, place event, organ, etc
  3. They may use their notes, text, internet to quickly review and research
  4. Give each group newspapers, grocery bags, and recycle item will do!
  5. One student becomes the person, place, organ, etc- through the construction of the other partners use of the newspapers, and grocery bags, etc
  6. They have 10 minutes to re create the person, place, and organ and display it to the class as they explain their purpose and role in front of the class.


        Introduction or review

        Can be used for historical bios, literature characters, parts of systems in Biology and Allied Health, Earth Science and planets, Chorus –Theatre Arts for musicians

        Causes students to collaborate, research, orally review information, and instill creativity with limited products- efficiency!

  1. Facebook page…
  1. Give students print out of a Facebook page
  2. Students are to create the page using:
  1.            Pictures
  2.            Friends/ enemies
  3. List of favorites
  4. Fill in their Wall dialogue
  5.              Important events
  6. Frequent contacts
  7. Bio of themselves


        All disciplines as a key person review- History, Biology, Chorus, English Lit, Theatre Arts- introduce the body systems parts in Allied Health, Foreign Language, etc

Causes students to draw on their own technological experiences and make relevant to education studies, be creative, and review.

  1. CUBE IT!
  1. Students are given the printed handout of the cube (or if in drafting courses or geometry courses have them create the cube!)
  2. They are to fill in according to the directions given using their notes, etc
  3. Students will need to cut out the cube and tape, glue, or staple the cube into its 3-D form.


        All disciplines- Wars in history, Math theories and equations, Literature with Theme, plot, characters, Artist, Economics – types and systems, etc

        Can be used as a review of History with all wars and hang on a rod

        Causes students to review information and place topic into the correct sequence or them point, allows students to be creative and think!

  1. Quilts

Uses the same theory as your grandmother when making a quilt--- only you do not have to sew

  1. Students are given pieces of square tiles ( paper)
  2. Students are assigned a specific person, place, event, theme
  3. Students will write information on one side of the tile and make a collage on the opposite side. All pictures/ information must represent the key ideas assigned.
  4. They will present these to the class.
  5. Laminate the tiles and hole punch for yarn to tie it all together-
  6. Hang on your wall, hall, media center


        All disciplines

        History- world theme period (Renaissance), Cold War, Civil Rights

        Artist and their works

        English – literature and authors

        Science- elements, etc

Causes students to research, use technology, be creative, and display their work while reviewing important concepts.

  1. Can you guess me? Pyramid game

Vocabulary review

  1. Place key terms in a hat  after putting on individual piece of paper
  2. Students are to sit in a circle ( for larger groups one can create 2 circles)
  3. Your team member is the person to the left of you ( the order of operations)
  4. Once person picks the term out of the hat and has 1 minute to give the person to the left clues- you cannot make a rhyme with the term
  5. If the person guesses the name they keep the slip of paper- if not, the slip goes back in the hat.
  6. You only have 1 pass
  7. At the end when all terms have been guessed people add up their slips of paper and they can be used as prizes, extra credit, bonus points, etc


        All Disciplines for review of key terms, people, places, events

        Causes students to work together as a team, dialogue, retrieve and review information, and prepare for internalizing information.

  1. WHO AM I?

This requires moving around the room and allowing them to TALK -- Great review game to get them up and out of their seats—

  1. The teacher should take pieces of a paper and write key people on them form the theme of study.
  2. Students will line and the teacher will tape randomly- the pieces of paper their backs
  3. Students will walk around and ask YES and NO questions about themselves to the other students until they figure out who they are.


        All Disciplines- Chorus ( time period artist), English literary characters review, Allied Health and Biology with cell part and body systems, Chemistry and the element chart, History people and geography, Foods with utensils and purpose.


Causes students to problem solve, think critically about information while constructing responses, review information, dialogue and collaborate, and be creative!

  1. PIZZA BOX  *Marquee*

You will need to save pizza boxes- or use paper box tops

  1. Students are given a pizza box
  2. They are to create a marquee advertisement coming to their town

as review of material

  1. Must include:
  1. Who? What? When? Where? Description of the event


        All Disciplines:

                English literary works and authors from various time periods, Artist, Foreign Language, History- time period people, Science and planet / systems. Etc

        Causes students to be creative, research and review.

  1. T-Shirts
  1. Collect T- shirts or have a copy of a T-Shirt on paper
  2. Assign students the key point to research.
  3. Student are to create a design that encompasses the meaning of the point given
  4. Students will be given a form to be signed by 10 people they encounter as the students are to wear ( or tape) it at school. They must explain the design and how it represents the theme point. If sufficient, the person may sign off. Six of the people must be adults.


        All Disciplines- English terms and literature, History people, events, Amendments, Science themes, Math themes, etc

Causes students to analyze, be creative, dialogue within the school environment, share information, review, and have fun!

  1. Lyrical Review
  1. Choose songs with lyrics that represent and parallel theme points being studied
  2. Groups students in to partners
  3. Play the song fist and have students listen to the lyrics
  4. Provide students with lyrics
  5. Have the students fill in the chart evaluation of the lyrics in comparison to the time period
  6. Oral discussion of thought and ideas


        English, History, Chorus and Theatre, Science

Causes students to use their active listening skills, make inferences about the song writer’s intentions and the theme period of study, oral dialogue, and formulate fact based opinions while listening to music

  1. Caricatures
  1. Provide students with a person, thing, or object        
  2. Provide students with paper and color pencils
  3. Based on their study and knowledge, they are to create a caricature of the person, thing, or object
  4. On the back of the paper , students must defend their caricature portrayal


        All disciplines

Causes students to research and review, creatively exploit and exaggerate important details about the person, place, or object.


13. “Scrambled Eggs”:

        Use plastic eggs to place clues for a quest

        Use plastic eggs- fill them with slips of paper with different questions to answer

                Can be used for:

                        Vocabulary review

                        Math problems/ equations

                        Literature who am I

14. Pictures are Worth a 1000 words:

        Use pictures, newspaper photos, magazine photos- engage groups with questions stems, discussion points, writing assignments.

15. Tic Tac Toe:

        Let’s engage all learning styles with a new approach- STUDENT CHOICE!

        Each quadrant will align with a different learning style.