collaboration.png Grouping

You must be IN CONTROL of your room before group work will be successful…Procedures… are they in place!?

You need to group by level and learning style- continuously change and rearrange- not JUST heterogeneous or homogeneous ... students should work with all students throughout various activities.

*not just low to low or high to high
*not just high and low
* it's not the job of those who finish early to teach those that have not- accelerate
* find the strengths and weaknesses of your students and let them shine

Things to consider PRIOR to your collaborative groups:
  • How to assign?
  • How to move?
  • How to interact?
  • Transition and timing?
  • Cool Timer--- on line stop watch----- music
  • Must desks touch?
  • Must they take their materials?
  • Group dynamics/ leaders…
  • Roles for each group member
  • Rubric-Each person with a job that is graded rubric.gif
—Specific per role
— Each has a stake in the activity
— Each has own grade plus group grade
Do not ‘hang’ kids if members of the group do not pull their weight…. Grades should reflect each students mastery of the subject matter
Try the on-line rubric maker for teachers: rubistar found in our tech toolkit


Check out the following link that gives information on Collaborative Group roles:
How to group:
  • Jigsaw- create puzzle pieces to divide and conquer
  • Carousel- number off and have students fill in information and rotate through all groups
  • Deck of cards- by number or suit
  • Count off-by heads
  • Color code dots-on index cards
  • Decade music- use music and find your decade or genre
  • Choice cards-allow them to choose
  • Six step partner dance- take six steps to a partner to answer the question, take 6 more steps and repeat
  • Conga Line-join in the line and conga according to your response
  • Synonyms- find via vocabulary terms
  • Number pops- number/color/ name Popsicle sticks
  • Group of the Day (by days of the week)- by days of the week
  • Burger Buddies- use fast food joints
  • Jolly Rancher, Starburst, Hershey's chocolate- sort by candy of choice
  • Clock buddies: who is at 6 o'clock?
  • Famous Pairs… Peanut Butter and Jelly- find your match because some things just go together