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Differentiation benefits ALL students while reaching students where they are and helping them grow.

GeTtInG sTarTEd

  • Examine your needs and your student needs
  • Start small
  • Begin somewhere, but keep expanding your knowledge
  • Think about the hows, whens, and whys
  • Reflect on what you need and your students need
  • Discuss progress with your students-what are their needs?
  • Encourage your students to take ownership of activities
  • Analyze and continue to reflect

You can differentiate through four ways: 1) through content, 2) process, 3) product, and 4) learning environment based on the individual learner. (Carol Ann Tomlinson)

  • Varied leveled activities to address the
needs of your students (levels and interest)
  • Meeting with small groups to reteach
or enrich
  • Tiered activities that are challenging
  • Personal agendas
  • Students visit other classroom and grade levels
  • Group and independent assignments
  • Varying the amount of time students have for assignments
  • Use Revised Bloom Taxonomy stems with all levels and activities

A Few Examples of Differentiation :

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  1. Anchor Activities (activities that help students expand their learning)
  2. Choice (a menu of relevant and engaging activities) An NTO choice sample :
  3. Cubing (six tasks placed on a cube that students complete)
  4. Interest Inventory (inventories that teachers use to gain information about students)
  5. Jigsaw (an activity where students become experts and teach to others)
  6. Learning Contracts (an agreement between the teacher and student that allows the student opportunities for exploring)
  7. Rafts (an instructional strategy for writing that may be used in any content area)
  8. Tiered Instruction (allows teacher to provide mixed-ability groups access to content at their respective abilities)
  9. Vocabulary (allows teachers and students to build comprehensive vocabulary in different content areas)

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