classroom_managment.jpgClassroom Management:

Be Firm--Be Consistent-- Be Reasonable

Allow students to help create rules, procedures, and rewards (allow ownership)—

Limit rules to 3 - 5 expectations

CONTINUE to reflect on a Plus/Delta chart plus delta.jpgyour strategies and tweak as needed! Feel free to tweak this one below!
Plus/ Delta
Strategy To Try
Reflection- Did it work?

Phone/ device usage


Opening Activity

Closing Activity

Sharpen pencil

Throw away paper

Food/ drink

Entering the class

Turn in paper

Distribution of paper



Head on desk

Absent work

Talking while you talk

Seating Arrangement

•Model procedures and routines (over and over)
•Allow students to role play; model expected behavior- video yourself and reflect on HOW you manage your room
•Have a clear idea of what will be taught and how
•Use rubrics and make expectations explicit
•Remember to incorporate the ideals of PBIS!
5 P’s :“Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance”

Methods to incorporate in your classroom to keep things flowing....

"OHIO" method: Only Handle It Once:
Only handle papers once- To Do- To File- To Trash... get rid of the piles
Bins: to handle turning in and passing back work- LABEL them clearly

2 Cent Worth:
Paper pennies to hear as many people as possible… everyone gives their 2 cents worth on the topic – once your 2 cents are gone others speak

Finger Signals:
Eye contact and nod without interrupting class
1- Help
2- Bathroom
Have students fill out pass and you only have to sign and continue facilitating without interruption... make sure you have a policy in place not a free for all travel voucher around your room and school (including bathroom)

Theme Days:
Create your structured days to not be mundane

Metamorphosis Mondays: Move from the sleeping cocoon
Toolbox Tuesdays: Tools of the trade
Windmill Wednesdays: Turn the wheel and let them choose
Tech Thursdays: Choose 3 for “sides for your meal”… tech tools to enhance your lesson
Facilitating Fridays: Seminar, small group, collaborative days

Pictures are Worth 100’s Words:
Photo Scavenger Hunt: use photos from any source- Keep them engaged in their VISUAL WORLD!
Index cards with prompt activities: create jingles, editorials, predictions, info mercials, decriptive adjectives, prompt seminar discussion, etc
Art: Colors, patterns, inspiration
SS: Geographical/ Environmental influences, inventions, influence of period and people
Math: Types of angles, Geometry, Perpendicular and parallel lines, estimation, word problems
Science: Examples of chemical reactions, create hypothesis based on the image seen, parts of systems
ELA: Use of vocabulary,themes, literary terms, characters, mood, setting, inspiration