A Wiki-space Dedicated to Beginning Teachers
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Welcome to a wiki created for Beginning Teachers and those that support Beginning Teachers! This wiki was created to assist NC Beginning Teachers during daily classroom instruction. While you are here, you will notice that we share activities and resources that you can incorporate in your classroom (K-12). We are glad that you are here!

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ5B6qrdFOpain-zRvzpRxxXO24yBFgBWtzN3iKtVfX3eVShz1o5gWhat you will find on our site:
  • Agenda for possible New Teacher Orientation or Teacher Talk sessions
  • Presentation materials, resources, and tips
  • Toolkit resources
  • Northeast Collaborative website
  • List of Regional IHEs (Region 1 and Region 3)

See the list on the right to begin navigating through our site! Thanks for visiting!